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      Need some suggestions; I bought Rumble Fish, removed the 30 seconds of trash, but the remainder is littered really thick with curse words. When Universal sent me my copy back in the day my wife watch enough to ask me to toss it.

      But with editing software I can edit it out. (I did not violate copyright law by the method I used to capture it my software)

      But as I go back through it I do not want to listen for each instance of the F “BOMB” because I think that that was the only line Matt was asked to really speak. “I know it is not”

      Anyway I use Corel VSX5 and cannot buy another NLE, so please do not suggest I buy Sony or Adobe.

      But is there a program that can detect those kind of words and remove them or mute them, or anything?

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      @Greg – Don’t know if this will work, but you could try Audacity’s (free program) Noise Reduction filter – Just capture the F-bomb as the noise signature and play with the settings – I’ll try this now and get back to you.

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      The easy and free way would be to capture a sound clip from just before or after the word you want to remove and then drop your volume in the timeline for just the word and cut the length of the sound capture to fit just that length.

      You can capture a cut of video for this if your software won’t capture just sound and then turn the video layer off to just use the sound portion. With a little practice you can get very fast at this and in most cases get real good results.

      Only downside is having to manually do it one at a time. I don’t know of anything that will accurately do it in a batch method.

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      Never mind – crash & burn that idea…

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      @ Bruce. I use Audacity and I have tried something like that in the past.

      The beast has to exist, they use to make VCR’s that did it automatically.

      Some kind of parents to protect children project, until the copyright police came in.

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      ” The beast has to exist, they use to make VCR’s that did it automatically. “

      Really?? Fascinating! I’d love to see some documentation on this . . .

      Rick Crampton

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      Here you go Rick, you run your VCR into it. They use to put it in a VCR. I’ll find it real quick. You must be under the age of 25?

      But wait there is MORE!

      OK still in disbelief?

      (Maybe I should just buy the DVD/VCR when I get extra money and recapture the DVD?)

      Nope you are not off the hook this easy Rick…..

      I am going eBayin’

      Found these, I forgot about these little guys

      Doubt not my memory, just the way I restate my memories.

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      Those TV and VCR devices function off of the “Caption” data. I’ve seen some and they are not to entirely accurate as it depends on how well the captioning was timed.

      I haven’t ever seen anything that would do that in video though, like in a NLE.

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      Ya, I do know they work of the caption. Which had me concerned. Here is what I thought I would try.

      Buy the box off of eBay

      I have a DVD/VCR connected to my computer of whcih I use to capture VHS tapes and DVD’s when the needs arises. (Since the copy protection is not broken this does not violate the copyright law as long as I never place it on the net or give it away.)

      Then attach the box between my VHS/DVD player and computer and capture the entire video then drop it into my NLE and clip out the visual bad parts.

      A lot of work….HUM!

      May just do a better job removing my part in the movie and trashing the movie…?

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      I used to do audio mastering for an duplication firm. I would go in and highlight the “WoRD” and then reverse it..quick and easy.


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      OK, Would I have to find each occurrence and do it manually?

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      Gregory, before you do all of that you might do an on-line search for a company that cleans up potty-mouth movies. I’m not sure they’re still in business but I recall from several years back that such a company existed.


      I Googled “cleaned up movies” and found, and there are other companies that offer similar services.

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