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      I have several software… Pinnacle, Sony Vegas PRo 11, magix music maker. I don’t have an ACID, but I do have a soundforge and audacity.

      I made a video recording with my ZoomH2 and also the Sony HDR12 camcorder. When making the video. The video is great, and cannot be redone. The sound recorded by the camcorder sounds like the actor is in a bucket.

      The sound from the Zoom H2 is excellent, but I cannot get the sound to sync. I’ve spent couple hours trying. I get very close, but not close enough to make a decent presentation

      I was thinking… the actor is speaking clear enough and understandable enough in the Camcorder recorded sound, but the bucket sound is just too obnoxious.

      Any suggestions for either

      1) way to sync sound from Zoom H2

      2) way to remove the bucket sound

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      The syncing is always challenging, did you try zooming in on the waveforms and matching them visually?

      Also, checkout – their Nectar product – and for some great audio tweaking tools.  Both offer many presets and can be stand-alone or plug-ins to your NLE.  Nectar is on sale for $199 and there is a consumer-grade product for $39 that looks promising.  Bias’ offers SoundSoap for $129.00

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      You could try PluralEyes to help you sync the audio – you can download a trial version. I am not affiliated but have used it and it works well most of the time. However as cfxcorp said you can usually sync by getting it somewhere near looking at the whole waveform and then zooming in to a specific peak and trimming. Then play both tracks and adjust a small amount until there is no echo.

      I also had a Zoom H2 and found that it does not keep sync properly with the video – there is plenty of stuff on the internet about this problem. Mine is about 0.004% slow which mounts up if you video is more than a few minutes. Also the difference varies with the audio format (much worse on MP3). I made a test recording of one hour using the ‘speaking clock’ and checked the drift. Then compensate – I found the best way was to remove a single frame from the video every few minutes to correct.

      I now use Roland recorders which are spot on.

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      I spent another couple hours with the zoomh2 and still no good.

      There is no reason for it not to sync.  I’m using sony vegas pro 11 for edit.  The recording speed is set in stone, when I make selection in ZoomH2. I just don’t see how it can be out of sync.  Something about the pairing and settings in Vegas Pro is going to be my focus.

      I am thinking to try various record combinatons in Zoom H2 to see, if that may have something to do with it.

      The zoom h2 is the best especially in locations where I have no ability to compensate for audio bounce and reverb off hard room surfaces, tile floors or no other sound dampening (drapes,etc)

      I really appreciate the pointers.  I have learned by having purchased so many software that my problems mostly cannot be solved by new software, especially when I have made quality software purchases.

      The major obstacle to the software chase is the learning threshold for new software eats up your life and time.   








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      1) way to sync sound from Zoom H2

      2) way to remove the bucket sound

      Your statement about sync needs a little claification. Are you able to find a spot where the H2 can be put in sync with the camera audio, and then it drifts out of sync? If so, by how much over time? Fairly rapid sync drift is an indication that the H2 recording has the wrong sampling rate. About 8 to 10 video frames accumulated drift over a time span of ten minutes would indicate that there’s a pull-down ( 29.97 frames per second ) discrepency.Slower drift is due to looser tolerances between the H2 and the camera’s time base references. I don’t know what sample rate your H2 audio was recorded at, but it MUST be 48K in order to stay in close proximity to the camera audio. If it is NOT 48K, you might be able to find a feature in yourextended software collection which will allow you to convert it to 48K.

      As for the ” bucket ” sounding audio from your camera . . . . ?? Does this effect materialize ONLY on the shoot in question? Have you checked the camera since then to see if the effect persists? Obviously, if it persists, you may have a component ( mic ? ) failure. If it’s only on the video in question, then it sounds to me like you had sound from two different sources getting mixed together, one beinga few digitalsamples out of sync with the other,and there’s a phasing situation causing comb filtering. Think back to your shoot and re-create in your mind’s eye how different, unwantedsound sources may have intruded.

      Rick Crampton

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      MI don’t know what goes with this forums, but this is the 2nd time I’ve lost the entire posting.

      Thanks for the suggestions.  I recorded both at 48K 16bit wav.





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      This is a very tough problem. I fixed it once a while back by adjusting the timing (speed) of the video to match the separately recorded sound. It might help to cut the clip into a few smaller pieces and sync each separately by slightly lengthening or shortening the video or the separate sound track slightly and then putting them back together. It didn’t work great, but it was acceptable. I found that it was easier to adjust the video speed because sound distortion showed up very quickly.

      I learned my lesson, now I never use separately recorded sound unless I’m sure the recorder’s timing is as good as the camcorder’s.


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      domineaux, I can’t help too much with your already shot audio/ video stuff. But I think that the camcorder that you use ‘HDR12’ (is it HDR sr-12?) has a zoom microphone feature (goes from ‘surround sound’ to focused stereo)thatmight beswitched to eliminate the bucket sound. I have the sr-11 and in the ‘surround sound mode’ (default) picks up a lot of ambient sound from all directions. Switching to zoom microphone concentrates thesound pickup from thescene zoomedin on. Hope that makes sense. Next shoot try test recording with zoom/no-zoom and hear if that makes any difference. As far as blank posts occuring on this forum, I have found that when I use my newer laptop with Windows 7 and IE when I try to post (send post)a window pops up asking me if I want to leave this page. If I click yes, I get a blank post. I click no and then click send post again then when the same window pops up again, I click Yes. This time I get my post to go through. Don’t know if that is what is happening to your posts or not. Hope this helps. Keep shooting.

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