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      Im looking to extend the range of my IR remote for my SOny HVR AIU camcorder. I’d like to get a range of 500-1000 feet for remote wildlife videography for my work. Any thoughts. I have heard or IR to radio Freq-back to IR but do not have any info on this. Any suggestions greatly apperciated.


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      pcmcgowan, if you google infrared remote extender you will find a number of places that have IR to radio frequency to IR (Radio Shack,Newegg, etc.). Most of them that I have seen require ac power for the sending/receiving units which may not work for wildlife videography. Most have ranges of about 100ft. This would mean that you would have to use multiple units to get the 500-1000 ft range that you mentioned. Another way to go might be some sort of motion detector to trigger your videocamera. I know that hunters use trail cameras that work on this principle.

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