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I have two questions about video releases, and email agreements.

I'm at an event, while recording I ask a person their name, I tell them the video camera is recording, I ask them if it is okay to record them, they agree and I proceed to complete an interview. Will that work for a release or does it have to be a piece of paper?

Many, new artist send me original music to put in my videos. I ask them to send me an email that states that I have rights to use the music in my video. Before I use their music I get that email agreement from them. Will that work for a release or should I be doing something different?

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no legal advice from me, but here's my thoughts.

release on video--just as good as on paper, assuming what they say is clear and unambiguous. look at model releases and try to use the same wording. just don't lose the footage!

email release--fine, but it depends on what the emails says, just like the video release depends on what you explain in the footage. as long as the email clearly states you have their permission to do everything you plan on doing with it. AND make sure you can prove who the email came from. It doesn't do much good if it's from the wrong person.

it doesn't HAVE to be in writing on paper, but DO try to model your releases after tested language that came from attorneys, either through standard videomaker forms or other sources you trust.