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      I currently do not have a good camera πŸ™ and I wanted to create a video using Titanic footage with the song Hold My Hand by Michael Jackson.

      I used a software called “MAGIX Video Pro X4” for the production of this video.

      If you ever watched Titanic by James Cameron, the characters to me were amazing, and I thought I should use footage from the movie and combine it with a song that would perfectly fit the Titanic.

      I been working, planning the video for a long time and thought was put into this video and it is a story type of music video, so if you watch you will probably understand the story that I am trying to tell.


      Its in full HD πŸ˜›

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      I suggest you first read about copyright laws of video and musicbefore you go on with this project.

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      I did, this falls under fair use. Nothing is illegal about what has been done.

      If I were to make profit off the video, then it would be illegal.


      If the material is only used once for a class or a project, does the copyright owner need to be acknowledged?

      Images, graphics and video should be credited to their owners/sources just as written material. Also, if you should change your mind and want to use material for commercial purposes, then it is important that you would know where and when you found the material and who is the copyright owner.

      The creator of the material that was shown in the video are given proper credit.

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      Actually “Fair Use” has fairly limited applications – The fact that you are a student using this for educational purposes is what saves you. Were I to do it, it would be blatant copyright infringement – whether I made any money from it or not – Even if I did it for a legitimate charity it would still be infringement,

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      Once you loose your student protection all bets are off. I will have to take the side of copyright infringement. I have had my work “used” and in my opinion I was not happy with its use. The fair Use law is currently under attack and the MPAA and the RIAA is looking for the case to fit the bill that could be considered abuse of fair use….be careful. Years ago I got those “nice” cease and desist letters. I do wish you the best in your studies. But remember copyright law is the only know thing that has been proven a fact that evolves and turns into another life form, and each phase of its evolution it gets bigger and bigger teeth.

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