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      looking for shortreinactmentvideo’s for a law enforcement presentation “don’t be a victim” this is for public access tv, raw video or complete,any experience level:for script and info: email checkmsvctv.comwebsite also. this is an opportunity to get your work on tv. we guide you through the complete process, you retainrights and gain realworld experience.

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      Not getting paid for your original programming… indeed real world experience.


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      A clarification of my last post:reinactment video:the contact is Public access tv is not a paidgig but is an oppurtunity to learn and get content on on tv while you retain copyright on your work which canthen be usedbyyou to further your goals.

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      So why bother with you in the first place if the content producer is ‘guided by you during the process’ that’s the same as a Work-for-Hire Agreement. If you need a ‘canned’ production just purchase one and don’t try to hornswaggle someone into shooting something for free. If you need it that bad and can’t pay someone to do it, just shoot it yourself.

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