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      Hey, its CK from b-side Entertainment again writing to tell you about a cool promo were doing right now: for a limited time only, all new registrants at get a free movie download. Just come to the site, register, check out a film, and see what b-side is all about. At b-side, we want you to experience the other side of film….and the great films and filmmakers that dwell there.

      Register HERE

      We now have both shorts and features in distribution. Explore the site and the community, support your peers, and see if is the place for your independent films.

      If you have a film(s) that has played at festivals, be sure to check out the filmmaker page in the about section. We are always looking for quality films to add to our site. Take it easy.

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      Hey, here is a good blog from Small Screen Media Guide about our free download promotion and the general nature of what b-side is up to:

      Thought you would like to see what others are saying about the model and the opportunities we’re providing to independent filmmakers…

      It’s nice to work for a ‘good egg’!

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      In addition to all the spam, how about contributing something useful to these forums. One post plugging your site is plenty.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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