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      I have a Sony HDR-HC9 and have been trying to reduce the depth-of-focus. In the portrait mode the depth-of-focus is still very long. The minimum aperture is 1.8 according to the spec. sheet. Is there anything that I can do to reduce the depth-of-focus?

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      I take it you are using the still picture feature of the HC9. The maximum aperture is 5.4 To reduce the depth of focus (aka depth of Field) reduce the amount of light on the subject.This will soften the image. If this happens move the focal area of the lense to a cheek bone and read page 45-46 of the users manual on how to manually focus on a subject. I you plan on taking a lot of still photos pick up a Point and shoot Canon or Nikon still camera. The images have better resolution and you will enjoy the results more.

      PS I throughly enjoy using my HC7


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      zoom in and open the iris all the way. boost the shutter speed to achieve proper exposure to compensate for opening the iris.

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