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      I did the Yusuke & Tara wedding Saturday. Had 3 cameras rolling. 1 camera was placed hip level on the stand in front of the B&G to get the close up of the vows, ring & kiss. This was unmanned. It captured the footage flawlessly, however when I got home late last night I made the huge mistake of working on transferring the data. I knew I was way to tired, but I wanted to see that data in mostly. When I went to choose the files I hit the delete option from the right click menu (I am going to go into the registry to remove this option later today). I have (confirm delete) turned off, so the files went POOF, they were gone. Since I have and IT background I know only the mark in the FAT was gone and the files were still there so I hit it with recovery software. It sees the file, it sees the size, it says it recovered, but it will not play. This camera records in .MOV format, when I attempt to play what is recovered I get codec errors. I have tried

      and a few others.

      The data seems to have really gone POOF.
      Has anyone fell victim to this and been able to save what was lost?

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      I have used a program called PhotoRescue PC for a couple of years for still photo recovery (I deleted some photos of a vacation once and it worked like magic in recovering them).

      Don’t know if it works for video files.

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      Thanks for the link. I downloaded it and tried it. It was like all the others. It finds the FAT information but not the file. I spoke to another tech friend of mind, he logged into my system and we came to the agreement that the data went into some black hole.

      But I went through all the footage and later he did a guitar solo that he wrote and sung it to her. That footage came out real good.

      IMPO I lost the data through arrogance. I was too well pleased with the camera placement and the fact that after I checked the data the first time I had better than expected and I clucked about it. I think in my pride I began to take chances with data I knew were stupid. So I chuck it up to over prideful and to be more aware of that in the future.

      I posted a few photos that I and my assistant took at

      I will be working on the editing for the next 2 weeks.

      But again thanks for the suggestion.

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      You may want to try Media Rescue Pro

      You can find it at

      I have not used it for video, but that helped me a great deal.

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      I have had people contacting me complaining of similar issues. It often turns out that they have ended up with not so good quality recovery software. Most video recovery software claim to do a lot, but do not actually do so. However, there are a few handful of video recovery software, that can be evaluated using the demo version, before actually getting the full version.

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      Being in a hurry, I stupidly formatted my SD card and thus lost a crucial video file. While looking up ways to recover videos, and have tried a few, not many to any degree of workable avail. Found this one that is pretty expensive. Many say it works, but I'm affraid to pay without getting desirable recovery. Any experience with using this tool?

      Ane feedback is highly appreciated!

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      You’d better stop using the SD card before getting back the files you need to avoid data overwritten. Then you need data recovery programs to recover lost data from the SD card. That’s not difficult to perform and takes just a few seconds.

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