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      Dear Everyone,

      I am new here, and also new to video editing. As such, I have no idea how to record and insert voiceovers in my videos. Right now, I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 7.0 Platinum Edition. It is working very well so far, but I have no idea how to record audio in it and still keep the background music in my videos still playing. What I want to do is similar to what this YouTube user has done in his own creation:

      I want to insert voiceovers any time my own character’s face shows up on the screen, and also delete the character’s text dialogue options so the voiceovers can play without said annoying text. Does anyone know how to do this? I have a microphone headset plugged into my computer, so I should be all set, but that’s not the case. I appreciate any and all tips!


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      Hi Tysyacha-
      I use Final Cut, but most editing software is similar: in the Timeline, there should be an audio and a video section. In the audio section you want to create at least 2 tracks (one for the music, one for the narration). This way they both play.

      It’s hard to advise you about the mike issue from here.

      Hope that little bit helps.


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