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      I am definately in over my head here! I am working on developing marketable on line versions of the staff development that I present "live audience" for school districts. I would like to include snippets from the real staff development.

      I know how to convert .avis/QT/etc to streaming and do the entire website side of it, but I am not sure if I purchased a handheld DVD recorder to record the snippets if that would give me the formats I would need to convert. I may not be asking in the right place, but I have asked two people who said – you need to find a forum and ask. (Which was really not a lot of help – just for the record.)

      So – any suggestions? Could it be as simple as using a DVD recorder, or will I need to do other things with what a DVD recorder produces? I did try searching the forums first, didn’t find anything specifically for this, so I hope I am not repeating something obvious.

      Thanks in advance!

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      The DVD recorder will produve a .VOB file which is an mpeg 2 format exclusive to DVD. You will need to have conversion software that will accept the .VOB and allow it to be converted to your desired format. Canopus procoder is great software but it’s professional and costs $500 dollars. There is however plenty of inexpensive or free consumer software that will allow you to do this. (you may already have it.)

      The DVD recorder will cut your video into seperate .VOB’s. It will usually cut a full DVD into four .VOB files. The cuts may not be in a desired spot, so you will have to "stich" them up. Some conversion software might do this, but you’ll probably have to import the files into editing software. Editing software will not accept .VOB’s, so you will have to:

      1- Convert the VOB’s to AVI(windows) or Quicktime DV .MOV (mac)
      2- import the AVI or MOV into your editing software (NLE)
      3- Edit and (or) "stitch" the cut segments together.
      4- Export an AVI or MOV file or your completed video
      5- Convert AVI or MOV to desired web video format.

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      I forgot to tell you the easy answer….

      You should be able to capture the video via firewire on playback just like any other digital camera.

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