Recording VHS to MiniVD? help

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      I have some video on VHS i urgently need to get onto my computer and i dont have a capture card.

      I was told that you should be able to connect a minidv cam to the vhs player and record it but i cant work out how to do it?

      I have a Panasonic Gs-150 and i am using the stock av cable to try and do it, where should i be plugged into? the tv or video player? input or output?


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      The only way I can think of is to take the A/V out on the VHS player and connect to the A/V in on the camcorder.

      I just looked at the specs on the GS-150 (Panasonic’s site) and it indicates that the GS-150 has analog out but no in. I don’t think you can accomplish this with the GS-150.

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