Recording the screens of smartphones and tablets

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      I am having an impossible time getting quality results recording screens from smatphones and tablets. Has anyone got a setup or advice on how to do this with goos results. We need to do several training vidoes with several devices. We can depend on each device to have video output so it seems easier to just mount a camera point it a the screens of these devices and capture it that way… Again any guidance or advice here would be nice. Light emitting devices like these are not my specialty! πŸ™‚

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      Have you tried putting green over the screen so you can key it out and fake whatever is on the device’s screen?

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      What I need to do is to present “live” and I will e given whatever devices people want to see so I never know what kind of phone or tablet I will be dealing with. It is to demonstrate development. The setup will also need to be somewhat portable. I was hoping someone out there would have tackled this scenario by now…. Taking a webcam and pointing it toward a table isnt ideal. πŸ™

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