Recording on SD Card for JVC GY-HD110?

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      Hi. I am an absolute beginner in terms of video. I was lucky
      enough to land the JVC GY-HD110 for my first camera (the university bought it
      for me) but I am overwhelmed. I do not yet have a tape but do have an SD Card.
      I cannot get it to switch over to record on the SD Card. Can anyone provide
      some insight on this?

      MsoNormal – Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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      Yeah the SD card is only for storing your user profiles. The 110 will only record to tape unless you buy something like a firestore hard drive recorder. Hope that helps.

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      Thanks TDedmon. Yes, that help. I can stop speinding my time trying to make it do something it wont.

      PS: sorry about the jumbled post. Rotten Word. Bleh.

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      I have found that the little “marshmellow” next to the “W”clipboard, “Remove Formatting”,works well with removing Word formating while leaving the text. But that is on only a couple of posts so far.

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      Situation taken care of, no more jumble πŸ™‚

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      How do you like the camera so far? I just bought one myself and I must say, even as someone who has been working with cameras for four years, it’s a little intimidating.

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      @TDed…I really love the camera. It’s a thing of beuty. But, like you, I am pretty intimidated. And honestly, I can not belive it wont let you record to the SanDisk card. The worse thing is we can’t find the firewire cable so I’m gong to have to run out and get a new one.

      I really just started using it, really using it, yesterday. I got distracted with learning Adobe Premier Pro…talking about intimidating πŸ™‚

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      Greetings from the road,

      Yeah I am currently using Premiere Pro CS4, and still getting used to it, but just completed some freelance work on it and it is starting to iron out. I have been using it since college (5 or so years) and my advice is to just go out and grab some B roll then play around with it in editing (if you have the time) I did that at one point and it really helped because I could focus on playing with controls rather than a deadline or pleasing someone.

      As for the camera I have about four shoots under my belt with it now, and still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it, I can’t seem to get a big offering from the focus, I don’t know if my back focus is off or if I am just trying to do something the lens won’t do, but almost everytime I shoot a scene I have to reset my back focus to give me the most play.

      Anyway, I’m glad you are enjoying it, keep us updated on the work you are doing with it, I’d love to see some footage.

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