Recording Mystery – TRV900

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      Hi, newbee here.

      We’ve been using TRV900 for years now and we really love its performance in field work. We also have the Sony bigboys and an XL1.

      We have several units that our co-workers use. Recently, we notice some strange recording phenomenon on some units:

      – VIDEO & Audio glitches & TC errors When recorded tape is played on other TRVunits & decks.
      – Video plays normally ONLY on the same TRV camcorder where it was recorded. We’ve have sorted out the few bad TRVunits.


      This really frustrates us because we cannot use our DSR45 to capture these materials PROPERLY. It’s a pain looking for that exact TRV900 unit everytime.

      Any ideas? Repair costs estimate?…is it still worth repairing?

      I hate to let go of them. They are pretty good workhorses.


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