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      Ok this may get slightly long winded but please bear with me….

      i’m recording a live wrestling event. I have a 2 Sony cameras one at the ringside on as a hard cam on the stage. What i want is to record live commentary and get crowd noise as well, and i would like the commentary to go through the PA system as well so as the crowd can hear it. PLus we would swing the hard cam round to do wrestler interviews, but again i would like the sound to go on to tape and out over the PA..

      I hope this makes sense and i hope someone can advise me

      Cheers Guys

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      Patch a camera mic into the PA out.

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      A mic splitter could work, orbetter still a small audio mixer where you can send one or more feeds to the camera and one or more to the PA. A mixer with master outs plus aux outs is the easiest way because you then have total control of the levels sent to each source via faders/knobs. I worked this way many times at outdoor speedway etc with live commentaries going to cam and the crowd simultaneously.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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