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      Can I record to a standard DVD from my CANON HF11 directly through my laptop- that is without first saving it on my already very full hard drive. If I cannot recored HD on a standard DVD what are my options for being able to preserve the original HD quality? Once downgraded to SD can a recording be reconverted to HD?

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      Check out and see what has to say in an extensive review of your camera. Here’s one element of the mutiple level review and pages…

      Editing (4.0)
      The post-production process for home movies has become a complicated business as the industry moves towards high definition. No more can you count on the one or two formats of standard definition video. No, in today’s world there are as many formats as manufacturers, if not more. What’s worse, you’re hard-pressed to find affordable editing software that works with them all. If you plan on buying a camcorder, we highly recommend that you do a little online research for compatible software.

      The AVCHD videos from the Canon HF11 work with Ulead Video Studio 11 Plus, Apple iMovie, Final Cut Express, and othersthough they don’t all work with equal efficiency, and a lot depends on your computer’s hardware.

      The Canon HF11 ships with Digital Solutions Disc ver.31.0. This disc includes a number of small programs that help you manage your video and still photos. It allows for the creation of importing video clips, stringing together a little movie, and exporting the final project.

      Go to the site to see if you can find out more about what you need to know, but I personally do not think you’ll be able to use your laptop as a passthrough system for burning to a DVD – standard or HD. Also, though it is possible to place, say maybe 30 minutes of HD quality on an SD disk, using certain software or workarounds, you will certainly need more hard drive space, software and a powerful enough computer to handle the load if you want to burn HD quality, perhaps on a BR disk, and for that you are also going to need a BR burner and player.

      SD signals, using a boatload of today’s playback systems, can certainly be up-rezed to play on a 1080i/720i/p, ect digital HD widescreen television. It is likely you can do something by way of upconverting to HD, but I doubt if that is something you’d want to do.

      People in the independent professional video production industry do often shoot HD, drop to SD for delivery, holding onto their HD files for future final or further delivery or archival purposes. If it were me, and I was shooting HD material, no matter what the camera or its recording system, I’d find a way to hang onto any HD resources I deemed important, expecially the commerical stuff or irreplaceable one-of-a-kind footage.

      HD dropped down to SD in final delivery, has been said by many who follow this route to still exceed the quality of original SD resources. I wouldn’t know about that personally, not there yet.

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      Hi Earl,

      If I may ask, what would be your process to downconvert from HD to SD ?

      Is there a software dedicated to something like that ? BTW, I use PPro CS4.

      Thank’s for your knowledgeable input!


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      I am doing well simply to maintain myself with FCP, and know nothing first-hand regarding most other editing programs/platforms/software – ONLY what I occasionally run into on the web, via others who use other software, such as your PPro CS4. I suspect, and have heard, that many of the more popular, and usually a bit more expensive editing systems often provide some kind of selection process for outputting the finished project in SD, even though it was digitized, edited and finished in HD. You thank me but I feel like I’m not offering you much here to go on. Sorry.

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