Recording from music source and mic?

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      I need to record an event where recorded music will be played and can have a low level feed of it but also need to record ambient noise with a mic.

      I know I can do this with a mixer, but what are the inexpensive options?

      Thanks for any help I can get.


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      Here is a shot in the dark, and if someone thinks it’s not a good idea, do tell.

      If you are going to do a multicam recording (at least 2) Hook one camera to the sound feed of the dj system or whatever equipment is going to be used to play the recorded music. Then use a good mic on the second camera to record the ambient sound.

      Make sure you pack with your gear a disposable picture camera with flash (or if you already have a digital camera, use that) so you can sync the video and audio from both cameras later on in the editing bay.

      That’s what I would do, but, if anyone can come up with something more that would be great. To learn, that’s why most of us are here for 😉


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      I only wish I could do 2 cameras. But I am limited to me, myself and I LOL.

      It does not have to be great audio as these will be compressed video for web posting. I have considered a small t channel mixer on the camera with a shotgun mic and the music being piped in via wireless. Still a good deal of equipment to be holding in my hand. Look like I should invest in a vest or equipment belt perhaps?

      I do hate to spend any more money than I have to (I am doing this without pay – just as a favor, but want it to be decent).

      The reason I think I need a mixer is that I won’t have control over the output of the audio system. I could record onto my notebook hard drive the music and mix it into the video later. I am a novice at editing and wonder if tracking would be an issue?

      I do appreciate the feedback and help!


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      It would be best to use a mixer. If an analog mono master is OK send the DJ tracks to the left side and the ambient mics to the right side, (panned) going out of the mixer into the camcorder. Make sure you have all the necessary adapters.
      then use the mixer – camcorder A/V audio out- to set mix levels during editing and mastering.

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