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      I am trying to record a drum demo and so far have experimented with a Flip and with a Panasonic camcorder. The Flip produced a briliant picture but the high frequencies are sometimes clipped. The Pansonic produced good sound quality but the picture is grainy, due to poor light conditions, even when I fiddled with the settings.

      Whilst I am not expecting full studio quality sound, I at least want a distortion free reproduction to accompany the clear picture. Are there any cameras out there which could do the job ?

      I have considered recording the sound separately but have concerns whether perfect synchronisation between apparatus of different brands is possible – could another option be to plug in an external microphone.

      Any suggestions would be most helpful.

      Thank you.

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      I get quite usable audio with live music from my FX-1. If you can’t properly mic the kit, a good ole sm57 mic over the whole kit will surprise you. It can’t get the dynamics that micing the kit correctly does but it does offer a no distortion while hearing it all without breaking the bank solution. You can snag one up on ebay or at your nearest guitar center.

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