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      I am filming a teacher, in a room with a PA system and an audience of 50 people. The sound bounces everywhere. We film from the back of the room, 15 meters away.We want to find ways of just picking up the teacher, without the audience.

      We can’t use the mixer line out because the camera only has a mic input. Is there a device that transfers the mixer line-out audio to mic input for the camera


      Would a shotgun mic pick up only the teacher from 15 meters, or would it pick up the PA sound, and make a messy sound? Lavelie mics are not the preferred option. We are on a low budget.

      Thanks a lot

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      There are a number of different manufacturers who make adapters to go from line to mic. Check the Beachtek website. Search for similar adapters on the internet.

      A shotgun would be better then the on board mic – but you’ll still get audience noise.

      Think about borrowing or renting equipment:

      • You can record audio separately, positioned closer to the speaker, and mix it in post.
      • A lav will work best either wired to a recorder (audio or video)
      • A wireless lav even better.
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      Many thanks

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      Hi Bruce,

      Looking at the Beachtek products they recommend a mic, rather than a mixer line. I imagine to use a seperate mic would always be better than the PA system line.

      Have you used a beachtek from the PA mixer and how was it?

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      In your situaution i would placewireless lav mic onthe teacher. If the first option is impossible, my next option would be mic-ing the podium, subject to the teacher staying put, which is unlikely.

      Option #3 would be using a mixer output -LINE-MIC signal transformers were available at Radioshack.

      Last option would be picking audio off the speaker with the shotgun – not perfect, but working solution.

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      another option for close sound is to use a DAR close to the teacher or speaker.

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