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      Greetings all!

      New to the forum, i have been lurking for a couple of weeks and it seems like this group has a bunch of great talent and a great community! So for my first post I thought I would start with something that I am struggling with, I am a photographer that is adding video services for my commercial clients it seems like the two mediums have alot of natural synergy.

      My wife and I own a higher end hair salon, day spa and photography studio all in one facility and I am looking to use video heavily on the marketing side to show clients what can be done and how it can enhance your social media marketing. So I am learning the in’s and out’s of producing truly professional video, so one of the things that I want to do is record interviews of all of out service providers in a fun way, The name of the business is The Studio and I am doing a series of “Inside the Studio” where we interview each person so that prospective clients can get to know the stylist and spa service providers a little more personally.

      I want to do this as a two camera interview with one camera capturing the wider shot of both and the second camera close up on the subject giving the answers.

      My current kit is comprised of a Canon HF30 and a Canon XA-10, I have an Audio Technica AT-875 shotgun mic, a sony wireless lav and handheld system and an Audio Tech 2050 for doing voice overs.

      The basic setup is is the HF30 doing the wide shot with no sound recording, the XA-10 has the AT shotgun boomed between the two subjects and is recording the interviewee in a close up shot.

      The XA-10 has XLR inputs and records great sound, my levels are good and the sound is great. The problem I am having is in the post process and combining the two different video shots and one audio and getting everything synced up.

      So my first question, is there a better way to record the audio to make post easier, would it be better to record audio on an external device rather than in camera?

      Should I be capturing the audio on both cameras simply for the purposes of syncing the two video streams and then just use the audio from the XA-10.

      Or am I just all wrong and there is a much better way to capture the audio?

      I am using Final Cut Pro X as my NLE and I know that currently there is no multi cam support. I have been searching the forums and haven’t found an answer but I do apologize if this process has been explained before and I missed it.



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      Michael, one way (and there are probably as many ways as people on this forum) is to have a script of prepared questions for the interviewer. These would be asked and the answers would be recorded with the camcorder shooting on the interviewee. Care should be taken to leave time between each question and each answer (instruct both participants). After this sesion the interviewer would be recorded asking the same set of questions (from the script). Also record the interviewer nodding,smiling, laughing, etc as appropriate reactions to the answers. In the editing you would add the clip of the interviewer asking the question, a clip of the interviewee’s answer and during the answer (especially during a long answer) add video of the reactions of the interviwer you have recorded earlier. This would eliminate the need for syncing.You could use your lav microphone on the person being videoed for excellent audio. Lighting could beset to be the best for the subject being videoed. If you want to use a second camcorder,you could record from behind the interviewee showing the interviewer reactions (using the video only) and throw this in the mix where appropriate with not much of a syncing issue. This is just one way that seems to be the simplest to me. I hope that my expanation is clear and that ithelps. Keep shooting.

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      1)You’re recording audio only on one camera right? Why not just leave the on-board audio mic on the other camera on so you could use it as reference later when you sync.

      2)Also I would like to bring a clapperboard to mark the start of the video for both cams and not cut until the end of the interview so that both clips from both cameras are just represented as one “chunk” in your NLE

      3)I’ll set my NLE to show audio waveforms and then I’ll carefully align both the audio together according to what I see as this is more objective.

      You can also take a look at this software called “PluralEyes”. If you’re syncing by hand, remember to avoid audio drift

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