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      I have just finished my first season of local dirt track filming and have an audio problem to overcome. I can not get the announcer’s audio due to the cars volume. I am looking for a way to record the announcer from the booth and then edit in the audio track. What type of systems are out there to record in a format I can upload to my PC and edit in pinnacle? Are some remote controlled? I have a Sony HVR HD1000N with no audio input. My work can be seen at:

      Any help or input will be appreciated.

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      When you next shoot, your best bet is to mic the announcer and use a portable audio recorder or a small camera to get his audio. Make sure you use attenuation like a fuzzy muff to cut down on wild sound from within the booth. Unfortunately, you’ll have to turn it on just before the start and let it run for the duration. If you don’t have an assistant to change recording media, you’ll have to do it yourself.

      BTW, I dug the GtB&tU style music at the start of the video.

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      Your idea makes the most sense. I do have an older camera sitting here. I can use it for that. We do not start racing again until late April. I also plan on letting teams have the camera and shoot from the pits and see what type of unusual footage I can get while I film the main action. Thanks for replying! btw all of the music in that were the same song by 3 different artists.

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      Composite1 is right on – I use a Zoom H2 audio recorder with an Audio-Technica ATR35s lapel mic – total cost less than $200.00 – and get great announcer audio at various events.

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      Recording by computer is another option without paying theprice for a fancy digital recorder with an LCD screen. Depending on the audio level, computers tend to be very sound-manipulative. From my experience, computers are very particular about the impedance they get.

      Thoughcomputers are one of the poorest methods for acquiring good sound via analog mic input, the line level option might be the way to go for the best unaltered sound. My advice would be to find a good preamp in the $30-$60 range, use it for boosting the mic signal, and feed it into a computer – also make sure that the sound input setting is switched to “Line In”.

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      I appreciate all the advice received. I will post in the spring as to my final decision. I will be doing a lot of research on this. Happy Holiday’s to all.

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