Recorded mono, want stereo

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      Hello all!

      I videoed a friends wedding with a borrowed shotgun mic on my GL2. When I plugged er in I realized at once that this mic is mono only. Argh. Now that I’m editing, the only sound I want is the best man’s toast, and it is left chan only. (the rest of the footage is music video quality only, noise, wind, rain, it’s just for a friend, and I had a few in me at the open bar, so who cares right?) Since the toast is the pinnacle of the night, boisterous laughter from all present, I want to fill the right chan as well. I have little experience with Elements 4, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to duplicate L chan to a spare chan and pan it right. I must be missing something.



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      maybe you could reimport the audio again to a new track/channel?

      maybe there’s a help manual you could read?

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      duplicate the left track and place it on the right… have two of the same. copy paste sorta thing… works on final cut. should work for anything else. its pretty simple.

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