Recommended settings for lighting on Sony DCR-vs2000

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      I am filming a wedding tomorrow for a friend. It is being held under an open frame building, which means there is a roof, but no sides to the building. I went to the rehearsal today and I noticed that everyone’s faces were dark because the background (the outside) is so bright and the inside dark. Basically I am trying to shoot everyone in a shadow.

      There really isn’t the option to have reflectors or extra lights.

      Any suggestions or ideas on what settings I could at least start with to get me going? I tried experimenting while there but I think I was panicing and couldn’t figure it out. Normally I shoot corporate videos in a very controlled environment…funny how often I am saying that now!

      Thank you in advance.

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      The DCR-VX2000 has automatic and manual settings. In your case I would manually adjust the light level. To do this you must first switch the small slider in the back of the camera into the middle position (see page 43 of your manual). Page 44 of your manual explains the rest…

      Be sure to practice before you go. The VX2000 is a great low-light camera… you should be OK.


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      Like mentioned above, you’ll want to be in manual mode. But, if you expose for the face, the background with be blown out. So keep your framing tight too.

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      Well, my solution..It rained, downpoured rain. Windy, cold 45 degrees. My main concern was keeping my equipment dry and worrying that my unmanned camera would tip over. So the lighting wasn’t even an issue. I was the only one happy to see the bad weather..although I agreed with everyone that, “It was just awful.” Ha.

      Go figure. Advice to brides, don’t ever get married outside in Wisconsin.

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      On Sony VX2100 there is backlight button positioned on front left side of the camera, it helps when shoting in such conditions as mentioned.Try to see if VX2000 has a similar function.

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