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      I run a Final Cut-based studio. We also have a membership service in which we provide information and assistance to producers who are creating and marketing special interest and how-to videos. Many of my members and clients use Sony Vegas so I want to outfit a basic editing system with Vegas Platinum so that I can better support them.

      Can anyone provide a recommendation on the minimum practical hardware for running Vegas Platinum? I know what it says on the box, but reality and specs are often quite different. I’d like to hear from actual users.

      Has anyone tried running Vegas on a Macbook running Windows XP?

      Thanks in advance,

      Dave Arthur

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      Vegas runs well on any computer, it all depends on what you are doing as to how much horsepower you will need.


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      I use vegas 8.0 with 2gb of ram and it works perfectly. I am also on a vista.

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      Ditto the earlier comment about Vegas running well on just about any computer. I run Vegas Studio Platinum on a Dell E520 running two gigs of ram and it works great.

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      it depends on the kind of video you are working with. I am using AVCHD, and had to upgrade my computer to an intell cor i7 920, with and Nvidia GTX 260 graphics card with 6gb of ram. otherwise the video stutters too much (that, or you have to end up killing the quality of the video in the preview window)

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      I have given this advice for many years.

      1) Chip & Motherboard & Chipset – The fastest, biggest, most advanced you can possibly get. Look for 1394, eSATA, SATA & lots of USB headers on the MB.

      2) RAM – Enough to use, you can always add more (if you get #1)

      3) Hard Drive – Enough to use, you can always add more (if you get #1)

      4) Video & Sound cards – Enough to use, you can always get better ones (if you get #1)

      5) Case – Big – with lots of expansion space.

      6) Power supply – Big enough – You can always get a bigger one if need be.

      7) OS – Whatever you’d like to use for the life of the machine (upgrading OS is a royal pain – last time I did so without problems was NT 3.51 to NT 4 and even then there were bumps).

      Bottom line – figure out your budget and then spend 60% of it on #1 (assuming you already have a decent monitor), leaving 40% for all the rest.

      That’s why I still have a usable six year old Pentium IV machine today that runs Vegas Pro 8 without problems.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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