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      I’m interested in producing some simple DVDs for my customers. I work in a camera store, and have decades of experience with still imaging, so I have a good grasp of lighting, exposure, etc. But I have very little experience with video.

      My goal is to be able to produce DVDs on basic photography for our customers. Therefore, I would prefer any recommendations on:

      1) Materials to learn about shooting, editing and DVD production. (I do subscribe to Videomaker).
      2) Recommended hardware (minimum quality of video, sound, etc.)
      3) Recommended software (would something like Premier Elements work?)
      4) Anything else you can think of as important, all feedback is welcome!

      Thanks in advance!


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      Thanks for the reply.

      The “did it ourself look” would actually be OK for this project. This would be a free DVD of our photo class we offer for beginners. We just want them to have a copy for reference. But we do want reasonably good video and audio quality, and make sure it would be compatible with most people’s DVD players, etc.

      We do work with video production teams for TV ads and other similar projects. But we’d like to be able to do simple things ourselves, and we think we’d have some fun doing something different occassionally. In the end, however, we might very well go with a production team.

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