Recommendations for Hosting Video?

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I'm not new to editing but relatively new to hosting/posting them anywhere othern than youtube.

I'm doing regular work for a personal training/ fitness company who wants to film & post weekly videos onlinein a secure password protected manner for clients to download when they're travelng. We're talking roughly 3-5 video's a week about 5 minutes in length each.

They're also requestinga method for non-members to also be able to pay per video including previous archived vids too if possible. I know that's more of a website functionality that'll need to be built in but thought it might be important to know the end use & storage requirements to determind the best route to take on this one.

Thanks in advance guys.

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Check out Vimeo Pro. It may be what your looking for.


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I started using vimeo for something like you want and i liked it more than youtube.

And going pro is perfect