Recommendations for a Hand Held Mic for a Canon L2

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      😯 I have a canon L2 hi8 unit with a stereo mic.
      The mic is detachable and has two male 1/8 plugs for plugging into the camera.
      One of the plugs is bigger than the other.
      I need a handheld mic to use with this camera
      All of the mics i have looked at are not stereo and the audio technica stereo mic has 1/4 jacks.
      How the heck to you get a stereo mic signal into this camera.
      no one sells thhose odd 1/8 stereo plug adapters.
      if i plug in a mono mic i only get one side and it sounds weird.
      i do see though that if you don’t push the plug into the camera all the way it produces a stereo signal.
      but if you move the cable or shake the mic the signal is interupted or distorted.
      does anyone know what hand held mic i can get.

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      I don’t understand what you mean when you say one of the 1/8" jacks is bigger than the other-

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      Hi Y’all.
      I found the answer to my issiue for a external mic .
      The L2 uses a stereo mic, so i had to get a stereo mic with a 1/8 jack on the end.
      i got the Audio technica pro 24 from american music supply.
      i also found out that the other cable on the canon mic that came with the camera is the power cable, thats why that mic works without batteries. I also found out from these great guys, that you can use any handheld mic and get a stereo signal if you have a stereo xlr audio adapter.
      I don’t know why no one on this site could tell me how to do this (record stereo audio from a handheld mic).
      anyway case closed. πŸ™‚

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