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      I think I’m giving up on Sony Vegas; Sony Vegas requires too much special treatment in order for it to work properly. Even though I have a powerful, double hard drive system, and am only using it for recording, editing digital music right now, I’ve discovered that the Sony won’t work on just one hard drive, and isn’t simple to configure. Do any of you know of a low maintenance type of editing software, a load and record type of product, one that is as good as Vegas, but much easier to operate and will work fine on almost any system?

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      how about pinnacle studio?

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      compusolver Wrote:

      Like most editing software, even Pinnacle Studio prefers a seperate drive for editing, Intel chipsets and a video card that is on their compatible list. (Oh, and make sure that editing drive is on a Primary IDE, not Secondary)

      But it’s not absolutely necessary. Take my example: I have a separate hard drive or Primary IDE just for viditing, but an AMD platform (Athlon64, with VIA K8T880 Pro chipset) and an obsolete GeForce4 MX video card and Pinnacle performs absolutely fine (with a dedicated Pinnacle board) so it’ll just work on any computer… give it a try!

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