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      We recntly purchased a Marantz Portable 660 Recorder. It has two xlr inputs for mics. We shoot mostly weddings. Can any other wedding videographers recommend some nice mics to hook up to this new purchase?? Would you try to lavalier mic the priest?
      Would an omni directional mic be best in this situation?? It will be primarily a back up for audio unless it captures better audio than the wireless lav mic we have on the groom.
      Obviously we want to stay out of sight with wires, cables and mics etc.

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      Here’s a dual wireless lavalier mic kit from Shure designed for simultaneous use. It’s actually priced pretty reasonably at $549. They are condenser mic’s so they are going to have a better sound quality. Personally I would mic the bride and the groom. They’re the ones that really matter most. Although it’s not easy to put a mic on a chick with a white dress on. Normally the pastor is pretty loud so he may not need a mic. Either way, this system can handle two at a time.

      Depending on how often you plan on doing weddings, it may be a better idea to rent the mics instead of buying them. If you have other questions, the guys at Direct Pro Audio know what they’re talking about. Give ’em a call.

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