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      I’m taking a trip to Jamaica this summer, and I’d like to get a video camera. This forum was very helpful in finding me an economical solution to taking under water photos, I wanted to give it a shot with video cameras. I’d ideally like to keep the price under $500. I’m looking for best bang for the buck and ease of xfer to my computer and dvd. I’m thinking that one of the types that records to memory is the way to go so I don’t have to buy mini dv tapes.

      let me know what your opinion is, and links would be helpful.


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      Cheap + Underwater= Gopro

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      I second the recommendation!

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      Michel – If you don’t need an underwater camera, I recommend the new for 2012 Panasonic HC-V700 for $449. Records 5+ hours on a $40 64GB SDXC card. I have a 2011 Panasonic TM900, and it produces fabulous video. Here are a couple of reviews of the V700:

      Have fun on your vacation – hope you have time to post some video!


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