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      Does anyone have suggestions for on board camera lighting? I have been looking at the FloLight Microbeam. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it?

      I have shot a few weddings and so far the lighting during the receptions has been a toss up of good to just terrible. The light on my camera isn’t cutting it and I am slowly acquiring gear and I was wondering what some of you guys would suggest.

      I think a lighting kit at a reception would be to cumbersome, distracting, and over kill. I want something portable that I can mount on the camera and works well. Thank you for your answers.

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      If budget is not an issue..We use the Sony “HVL-LBP”l ight but it is pricey… There is also theLitepanels Micro lights

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      Budget, for all but the most blessed, is ALWAYS an issue πŸ˜‰ Check out the many threads here seeking equipment for a full scale video production business with a budget of $500, or less. But yes, those are good lights with great value and excellent performance Aikidoken.

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      I have the FloLight 3 light “swat” kit I have started using at receptions. I LOVE it and I will admit I paid about double their current pricing for the set, and it still was worth every penny.

      I had a LitePanels (still use it) before I got the flolight kit. For power, the flolight singly beat the litepanels hands down. I use the 3 lights, typically one on the camera and 2 on light stands I also ordered from flolight. I ALWAYS ask the couple before hand if it is alright if I use the lighting if needed. So far no one has refused it and no one has complained. This kit IS BRIGHT though when using all the lights so stretching the stands to their highest really helps when flooding is needed. It is great for lighting up the head table during speeches, and using them as strong point lighting for the first dances. Being able to shoot a very dark dance with 0dB gain or less is victory in my book. Added to the fact that they use my Sony batteries for my camera, they are extremely portable.

      I have 2 large PortaBrace 2750 cases housing my cameras, a large duffle bag with accessories/tape etc, the 3 light stands , a backpack that currently holds the lights (when I replace the foam in my camera cases there will be room for the lights), 2 Manfrotto tripods, and occasionally my laptop that I can load onto one small handtruck and I can get in to any reception site just fine. I usually park my cart over by the DJ.

      I often find the photographers hovering around my lights as it is quite helpful for them as well. About half wonder where they can get a set like that.

      Don’t get me wrong, the litepanels is not useless. I use it for closer up lighting when you are “running and gunning”. But the litepanels are NOT floodlights by any means.

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      The Flolight sounds like a good investment..aside from us using the Sony HVL on camera light we also have 2 x 800 watts Amvona Video Lighting kits in soft boxes with 12 ft stands… we use this for dark churches andspeeches during the reception..however it can sometimes be a headache trying to haul them, set them up, pack them up not to mention trying to set them upin crowded spaces…however with our planned switch toshooting withDSLRs instead of video cameras, we are getting rid of them and just sticking with the Sony HVL…

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      after much expense and trial, by far the best solution I have found is a head band dimmable LED kit from Ace hardware for 20 bucks. You can change the color temp on the fly and better, you don’t get the squint from folks not use to being lit. You can simply look away a bit without moving the camera. As well, you get better imagery because you don’t flatten people’s faces with a light coming from the exact same direction of the lens. If you get a handful of em, man you can light an entire scene without so much as breaking out a stinger.

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      The dimmable LEDs do seem like a good deal.

      Could some onetell me their illumination vs. a $100 one?

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      Thanks to all you guys that replied. I’ll go ahead and check out the flolight rig.

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      I am usually using Anton Bauer light with 20 or 25W light bulb in it, whichever is available at the moment. I have tried 50W bulbs from IKEA, but they seem to be way to bright and suck too much juice from the camera battery. LED is definitely new thing, and I’d like to try this dimmable head band light, thanks Grinner.

      I always set at least one, oftentwo LOWEL 250W lights aimed at the podium and the head table to get speeches covered. I use remote power switches from Radioshack (now The Source) to turn the lights on and off without runniong across the hall.

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      I bought recently a dimable kit led for$65 is China made but I like it is cold light and I can use my battery from my previous Panasoniccamcoder or 6 AA rechargeable it is shoe mounted on camera this cannot compete the pro system but change my mind over a grainy video shot and dull color.



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      After long-long reflection, I decided for Lowel dimmable light – overall it seems it received very positive comments.

      However, as a general remark, Lowel cathalogue is a real mess – if you go for a Lowell light and have the possibility to structure somehow the equipment proposed, this would help you a lot !

      photographe mariage Metz

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      The Problem with each of the Flolight microbeams I have owned is that the battery pack (i use sony) tends to short out. I don’t know if it is because of the weight of the battery. The last light they sent me, it only worked when plugged in, when on battery power, it would flicker but never go on. Two for two for me so I think my next one will be a light panels. More predictable and lightweight. Too bad, because the light quality and even spread of the flolight is fabulous. I hope they handle this problem, or maybe I just am jinxed and keep getting the booby prizes.

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      I have been using led lights for 2 years with no issues at all. The first one was almost $400.00 from lite panels..The second I just got a month ago was $56.00!

      Almost the exat same light but chinese made. They work perfect..but a few tips Ive learned along the way. I never turn them up all the way. I will shoot manual and set the cam for maybe +6 on the gain and no more. Then I bring the light up to just barely light the faces.(variableoutput) People very rarely squint anymore.Receptions can be dark and its not my job to light the whole building, I want the background to be darker and more intimate.So far I am very pleased with my cheaper led. I may order another 2 as backups and still save $$$. I use the sony nx5 which is very good in low light as well.

      edit..After looking it was $39.99 plus shipping..go to ebay search 126 led camcorder light for sony nx5U..what a deal..comes with filters and shoe mount.

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      I am puzzled at how you folk use LED’s since they do not provide a full colour spectrum. So it is impossible to fully colour correct them. For this reason I do not want to buy them. Adjust for one colour and it will throw off another etc.

      But I would be interested to know if anyone has run a test on the same subject – say a colour chart – using normal tungsten corrected to daylight, then shooting the same with your LED lights. Blues in particular should be wildly different not to mention skin tones.


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      The led lights I use are 5600k, set white balance to auto or 5600k and they’re balanced. same as a hot light.


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      I use this one that I got from B & H and it works very well, it even comes with a tungsten color filter when around a lot of tungsten lights. Right now it is on sale

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      powerful, rechargable, 12 volt flashlight:


      chinese paper lantern


      Boom stand or assistant with pole:


      problem solved.

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      Weddingmaster I use a NX5 as well – started as a 3rd camera but I use it more often than my Z5s. It is no where near as great in low light as the Z5, but it is so much more portable, and I don’t have to worry about dropping $5000 in equipment while running around with it on the dance floor. I use a home made “fig-rig” that holds the light as well. Might you have any tips on how to limit the grain from this camera? I am used to watching gain, but this camera does not show anything in terms of gain (assuming it is because it is not a true video cam). The only thing I see is the exposure control if not on full automatic, but even that still as an “automatic” beginning exposure – so to speak.

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