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      I have been using Corel VideoStudio Pro X2 for about 3 months now. In the last week or so I have noticed that, whether it’s a clip in my library or on my the timeline, playback appears to be about 10X. A 20 second clip “runs” about 2 seconds. You only see the first frame or 3 of the clip then your at the end. This changes if I adjust playback speed to 99% or 101% then it runs at a more normal rate. I am using AVCHD (.mts) files. Same format I have used, that I amaware of,since I started using VideoStudio. After fussing with putting things in the timeline to review it for a while (30 min or so) it seems to “fix” itself and everythingruns fine from that point until I close the program.

      I can get it to play normal as well if I add a separate audio in the timeline with it. Which is not a problem for the work in progress but trying to run clips from the library so that I can see if its viable for the project just isn’t working. I have even played around with the smartproxy settings with no change. Anyone have any ideas what the problem and possible fix might be?

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      Ok, the above was posted after dealing with the issue for over a week, finding a work-around to get a project done. And after built up fustationof “fighting” it for almost four hours yesterday to figure out what went wrong. This morning, as I am enjoying a hot shower, it strikes me that I should try following.

      (Running Vista here) Dressed and at the computer I travel through the following Start Button options. Control Panel, Programs and Features, find and click the program, Select Repair.After the repair is done, reinstall any updates/addons you might have. All of twenty minutes later my clips and timeline playbacks are running like normal.

      Sometimes it is the simple fixes that escape us.

      I posted this for those who might, at some point, have a similar, “Well it didn’t do tht ysterday.”, event with their software.

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