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      Hello! Recently I got this sweet gig doing profile videos for a local realty office. I think this looks great, but I’m always wanting to better my craft, so if anyone’s got any pointers, tips, critiques, or advice, I’d be glad to hear them.


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      Nice job. Good looking commercial with good sound. You needed more images of the houses to cover the ‘talking head’ until you brought her back on-screen at the end. However, if the client dug it, take the check! Keep honing your craft!

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      Wow – I like it – this may be a stupid question but did you do the very subtle zooming in-camera or in post?

      Also, was it all artificial light orsome natural?

      I really like the slight blur in the edges – or maybe that’s just my eyesight!

      Great work!

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      Thanks guys. I’m quite happy with how it turned out. This was a re-shoot because she wasn’t happy with how her hair looked the first time. This one is a lot better than the first.

      Futball8 – the subtle zooming is done in post. I shot everything at 1080 but edited it on a 720 timeline, so as to be able to do the zooming without sacrificing resolution. There was a bit of natural light coming in from the right, her left. There is also a Lowell spot on her left, and an umbrella diffused Lowell Tota on her right, and a gold reflector in front of her. I really like the soft golden hues that the reflector creates, they’re pretty.

      The blurry corners are from a filter I applied – the filter is called “Warm Spot Focus” and is from the program Magic Bullet Looks, which came with my DVX-100b. The filter made it too warm for me, so I desaturated by about 25% and that’s the final look. This was shot with an HMC-150 on the second to lowest quality setting, and her audio is captured with a Sennheiser wireless G-100 wireless lavaliere.

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      I’d say just don’t zoom in every time. Static is fine for these. B-roll of her showing a house would help break up the repetitive pace for you. It’s easy enough to stage that stuff.

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      Two comments. 1) If you plan to do several videos for a group of realtors, it helps to also do a profile of the neighborhood – ie a short video of why it is a good neighborhood to live in (showcase schools, parks, shopping, etc). So in essence you do a video for each realtor at the company, a profile of the neighborhood, and then, hopefully, a video of each house that is for sale.

      2) some of the transitions are quite jarring. It seems that you fade to white. A straigh cut would be better, or a crossdissolve if you have to use a transition.

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