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      my lastest upload to youtube…would like a critical eye on my garbage, as i know everyone here will not disappoint (honesty is never brutal) &^^&

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      Totally confused? If it was meant to be funny, my lips didn’t even crease. I couldn’t see anything very amusing in the pics at all? Did I miss the point? The horrible midi and sound card audio was pretty horrible – kazoo saxophones and quantised to hell.

      What was it meant to do? I just think the content was very poor – sorry.

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      I’m actually afraid of polka music. πŸ™‚

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      @paulears- well sadly, that was my thoughts when i took the pictures… was mainly confused, and i tired to add a bit of humor…lots of times you just look at them and think “REALLY?”…but thanks for your input, i think i can improve the audio next time around…i know these wont impress many people, and really they are not supposed to, trying to get something up at least monthly now to keep people interested(working with what i have, time allowed, etc.)…also no need to be sorry

      @WSanford- ha…closest thing i could find to “benny hillesque”

      thanks for looking and commenting, hope you i didnt waste TOO much of your time, and hey it can only get better right πŸ˜‰

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      If it left you confused, then adding captions didn’t do much in the way of explanation for us viewers.

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      I too was confused. I could find no meaning in what you displayed. It left me feeling like you were trying to insult the people you were depicting. Music did not fit the pictures. Were you the actual photographer? captions did nothing to help me.

      If you were trying to do something weekly (weakly) to get get viewers to come back, IMHO you are heading the wrong way. This would be the quickest way to get onmy “don’t bother looking again” list.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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