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      Hi everyone, I’m new to the world of media and film making and Id love to practice editing footage. I dont have a camcorder of my own yet, but should be buying one this summer. I was wondering if anyone here could point me towards a site where I can find some raw unedited footage to practice editing with? Also I was thinking of buying the canon HV 20, is this model going to be of good enough quality to produce semi professional movies and music videos?

      Any help or guidance would be very appreciated

      Chris πŸ™‚

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      You can get a used, or previously owned (whatever the politically correct term might be these days) HV20, I suppose, but I strongly suggest getting the newer (and HV20 replacement from Canon) HV30 – if that is the direction you want to take. I was focusing on that camera heavily as an entry level high def tool until I decided to hang onto my dollars (cents, actually) until I come up with enough to purchase either the Panasonic HMC150, or it’s JVC competitor relased this month. They’re much more expensive but with SDHC card recording and more I think very much worth the investment.

      Regarding a specifically RAW footage site, I am not aware of one, but there’s probably something somewhere you could utilize in that respect. I am sure a few of the others will respond soon with answers for us all. πŸ™‚

      Good luck.

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      Most likely you’re going to have to buy stock footage unless there’s a college nearbywith film or communication students nearby who will loan you theirold footage from past projects. Despite what any site may say, no one’s giving away free stock footage. However,Footage Firm has a deal for 12 dvd’s worth of DV and HD clips on various subjects for$8 and change each. They say, it’s just for shipping, but it doesn’t cost $8 and change to ship aDVD. I know because I shipDVD’s. Yet, since most stock footage goes forat least $45per set of Standard Def DVclips (usually from 12-25, the better collections cost way more) $8 bucks isn’t a bad deal. I recently purchasedthe collection and its not bad at all for the money.Most of the clips don’t have nat sound, but you can cut them to music or drop in your own sfx without any trouble. They also aren’t setup to make complete sequences, but if you’re creative you can cut together something that looks good anyway.

      No, the HV20 won’t give you the quality of a prosumer or pro camera. Besides, Canon’s alreadymoved onto the HV30 and 40. You’ll get some fair imagery for the web with it and if you really know what your doing you’ll get it to look better than expected. Since you’re starting out, it’s a good lil’ rig to get started with and later on when you’re ready for a pro rig, it will make a great ‘crashcam’.

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      Check out the footage firm just go to Footagefirm.com thet have deals that you can DVD’s of footage for the cost of shipping and handeling that is i think 8.95 a DVD. That is not a bad deal at all for some footage.

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      Thanks guys for your advice πŸ™‚ Im doing my bachelors at the moment in music at college, but Im thinking of taking my masters in film afterwards. This site is a great resource πŸ™‚

      I have even started looking at the top end equipment within the sony ranges such as the F35. Looks amazing and I cant wait to start making my own independent films and documentaries πŸ™‚

      Thanks again


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      Aviv Vana

      Regarding a camera being good enough to get great footage – focus on lighting. If you can light nicely that will get you 90% of the way there no matter what camera you are using. I would personally go with a cheap DSLR that can shoot video so that you can have interchangeable lenses which will get you the shallow DOF you will need to make your images stand out and be on par with the top work out there. Check out my link below for lots of info by cinematographers.

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      Misha Tenenbaum

      http://www.EditStock.com has unedited footage from professionally shot short films for sale. Download a scene for only a few dollars.  Comes with free feedback from a professional editor. We have a free sample up on the site as well.


      Well worth it. 


      Misha Tenenbaum

      Founder – EditStock.com

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      Bump City

      EDITSTOCK EditStock editstock.com Not only do you get great footage, you get excellent tutoring on the how and why of film editing. I’ve cut over 10 short films varying from editorials to thrillers. All of which have led to employment as an editor here in California. The packages come with lined script, script, and EDL. Check them out for yourself!

      Gary M. Daniels
      Cherub1 Films

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