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      Hey guys, here is just a short commercial that we shot for the Doritos Guru Contest in Canada. We put a lot of work into it and the results came out pretty good.

      One problem is the lighting which was very bad in a lot of the shots. We tried using a Chinese lantern for most but, it had a low wattage bulb so it didn’t give off enough light.

      For the first opening shot we used a simple, cheap, DIY dolly that we built for under $40 Canadian. The whole thing was shot on the Canon GL2, edited in Premiere Pro CS3.

      I think the voting is only open to Canadian residents, so if you are from Canada your vote would be greatly appreciated.



      Comments would be great to hear!

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      Some feedback here;

      When I veiwed the clip I found the echo in the audio very distracting making it very hard to understand the second character.

      One thing that might have made the lighting work would have been to have the lights that were on the first character suddenly on the second characterafter his placing the chip in his mouth highlighting (pun intended) the “cure”.

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      Nice work. Good choice of music, especially the ending. If it was me, though, I would probably have tighter shots, and a slightly different ending-this one kind of left me hanging, and no audio echo. Overall, pretty nice job. I’d like to see more!

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      other then the audio and lights, great job. I agree the music fit perfectly, good creative plot.

      Videomaker has a lot of resources you should check out, they have helped me.


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      Thanks, verymuch for all the feedback!! Ya, I was really disapointed with the lighting, it looked alot lighter on the camera but I have to remeber that for the next time.

      As for the ending, we did shot an ending that summed it up, but due to the 30 second limit there was not enough time. Are there any spots that I can edit down to fit the ending?

      -Thanks Again

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      Maybe you could have gotten rid of some of the various camera angles, when he is opening the bag of doritos. Otherwise, everything else looked good.

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      I had a hard time discerning the audio altogether and as others have said, the lighting needs work. You should be able to fix that some in post (color curves or at worst gamma correction maybe).

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