R U Making Minimum Wage?

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      Minimum wage laws got their start in the 1890’s in Australia & New Zealand. Here, Massachusetts started things rolling in 1912. The U.S. jumped in with a whopping 25-cents-an-hour bottom wage in 1938, along with a 44-hour work week maximum.

      Some states have a higher minimum wage (Washington, $8.55) than the now current (July 24) federal minimum wage of $7.25 – the third and last boost since 2007 from $5.15.

      Anybody in the video production business REALLY making more than the new current Fed Min Wage – after taking in the bounty of REAL costs involved in our business and the exorbitant number of hours we usually put in on any given production?

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      It amazes me what minimum wage is now. I started like everyone else… working for free. My first paying job was at the local ABC affilate running camera for the 5, 6 and 10 oclock news for $3.35 an hour. I had to work 2 or 3 jobs for almost the first 10 years of my career. As my wife and I made another addition to the family, I’d have to move our family to a different market, getting hired on at a different lavel as no company offers 5 figure raises, and that’s what is required with a new bambino. I moved my family to five states in as many years at one point, just salary-climbin’ and dream chasin’. It’s what was required.
      My last salary position paid $80k/yr with full benefits and now I’m self-employed at $150/hour. Nobody get’s into this business for the money. We do it because this industry chose us, not the other way around. Truth is, I could do nothing else.

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