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      I had some trouble with exporting seperate sequences in Premiere so I put all my sequences in a final sequence with a few minutes of black in between them (to find the cuts easyer in Encore) and exported one big file.

      In Encore, for the first DVD, I trimmed the end of the timeline, made a menu and burned the DVD. Great. Now I re-trimed the timeline for the second DVD, made a second menu and did "save as" (so I can also save the first trim with the chapters and menu)… but what Encore is doing is COPYING the 15GB m2v file that I imported to Encore!! WHY can’t it use the same m2v and just copy the trim and menu? Is there anyway to this while NOT copying the entire track twice?


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      Didnt you ask this question in another thread?

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      If you have a 15Gig m2v video, it must be around 8 hours since 2 hours of DVD video is around 4 Gig. If you can, try exporting (from Premiere) each seperate sequence as an avi file. Let Encore transcode the files. If you can export 1 big sequence you should be able to export a bunch of smaller ones.

      Encore is a DVD authoring application. It was not intended (ever) to be used as an editing or production tool. Its a Post Production tool. Your video files are supposed to be ready for delivery by the time Encore sees them. Using Encore as an editor is only asking for problems. The biggest being the audio and video sync. Guaranteed to lose sync every time.

      Honestly, its best to figure out why your having problems exporting from Premiere because Encore will introduce new problems. The problem your experiencing now is just the beginning if you can’t solve your Premiere export issue.

      I can’t help you on that because I don’t know what version of Premiere your using, and what your settings are.

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      I’ve found it works much better to import your clips into Encore as AVI files and let Encore transcode them. Encore can then better adjust the transcode to fit on your DVD.

      Kkmac is certainly correct that Encore is a post production tool. It is designed to present and distribute finished programs. It is not an editing tool. You are just asking for problems if you try to edit a program with Encore.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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