“Hands-on” method of testing prosumer camcorders

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      I found an article that described and had downloadable color charts and bars, along with other evaluation tools that an individual could use in a camera shop. The process in the shop consisted of one person holding up the charts while the other prospective buyer filmed for about 15 seconds, took the results home, and made comparisons. I cannot find that article for the life of me. I know that there are so many considerations, and vary with each person, but the probability of the most important features could be easily estimated without spec charts that make most peoples eyes gaze over.

      I also am aware of the tech maximal lens aperture, widest angle of view of the lens (vs. zoom range), lens distortion, optical sensor pixel count, etc. But how about the low light performance? and other features that could be incorporated in this test very simply with the tech stuff in brochures?

      If anyone could come up with a means of doing this type of procedure, an individualized analytical shopping experiment, it would be a wonderful thing, a publishable triumph, not just a post. Or does anyone know where that article is?
      As a teacher, I understand how the “hands-on” approach is an superior learning process.

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