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      I downloaded a Demo of Adobe After Effects, hopeing to learn how to apply some special effects to my footage, But I am Lost when It comes to the interface of this program. I tryed looking for some tutorials, and I have seen some amazing things, but it is all a little advanced. Does anyone know where I can view tutorials for beginers, or if there is a program out there that is simular to AE, that is more for my experience level. I am only a television and video production student, and my classes only cover basic editing.

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      Hey if you are an effect type of guy I would HIGHLY recomend you visiting VFXtalk.com or CGtalk.com I’ve been in mostly VFXtalk but its a great communitty and I learn so much from professional in there who actually work on feature film. Ask any question there and there will allways be a helpful reply. I dont know much about Adobe After Effect but I do know it’s use in the industry but not so much prefer maybe you should check out some Node base program is much faster to use than After effect layer system.

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      Learning AE is not for my classes, it is just something I am interested in. This would be something that is "self taught" over the course of my summer break. But I thank the both of you for your help, and I will be checking out both the books and the web sites.

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      thats perfect for Vfx industry if you are self taught type of person. Because VFX artist dont really need education if you are good and learn from dvd and books you would get hire. the only education you need is a little 3d work with maya and 3d max, its good for an artist to know a little 3d, and studying some art and color theory would be great too.

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      Hi TheLukaMan. AE is set up a lot like Photoshop and Illustrator. So getting used to all of those programs makes AE easier. I’ve learnt a lot of AE stuff from this website:


      It’s a great website, but the tutorials can be a little advanced. I certainly think it will help! I’m still shocked at the kinds of things AE can do! It’s crazy!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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