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      I know I’ve posted a topic about cloning before, but I have yet another question. If I film my actor (who will meeet his clone) infront a green screen, then film him again (as his clone) and run them together….can I edit the green screen to look like a simple room? I will use Final Cut Pro (if and when I can afford it) This way, I can illinate background mishaps. The questions is, is it possible? Please tell me you insights.

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      I’m simply looking for the simplest way to yeild the best results.

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      What exactly do you mean by "edit the green screen to look like a simple room"?

      I wouldnt use green screen at all. Just shoot both parts without moving the camera and use a split (wipe) effect with a light feather to separate the subjects. Green screen shots are very obvious (even in Hollywood movies). If you need the characters to make contact, try doing what the big studios do and find a "stunt double" that can be made to look like the back of the clone. Then you can use an OTS (over the shoulder) shot and only show the back of one of the subjects.

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      Well, a green screen would do the job, but it isn’t really necessary.
      Like what Endeaver said, it would be easier, cheaper, and faster to just stick your camera on a tripod, lock it down, and then tape your talent on either side of the room.
      If you do need to have the clones touch, the easiest way to do that is to follow what Endeavor said as well. Also, if you decide to have the clones touch, you don’t need to have someone who looks just like your actor. You can just use a CU (close up) of someone with hands similiar to your "cloned" actor touching the "cloned" actor.

      There is a lot of "movie magic" out there, and many great concepts to use.
      Try practicing the scene or just the concept of "split screens" or "cloning", to try and understand it better. Be creative and open minded.
      We can’t really describe it that much further, it will probably help you the most by simply trying it out!

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      Thanks! Sorry for all the confusion. I only own iMovie right now, and wanted to know info and techniques before I bought FCP. Thanks for everyone’s help!

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      No problem. By the way, you can do this and many more effects with Final Cut Express. ($299) FCE is pretty much the same set-up as FCP. The biggest difference is that FC Studio includes a bunch of other software, such as color grading and etc. Either way, you can do a lot with both. Have fun πŸ˜€

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      If you do plan on doing it with a green screen, I would either tape one half in the actual room and the other half in front of the green screen -OR- roll tape on the room locked down (using a still will show to a trained eye unless you perform some tricks) and tape each of the halves on the green screen, then assemble them together. If you are using a green screen, be sure it is as evenly lit as possible and that your talent is lit by separate lights from the green screen.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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