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      Hi there. I’m writing a script for a sci-fi mini film that involves a clone of the main character. In a crucial scene, both the character’s and his clone’s faces and bodys need to be seen at the same time. They will interact, but not touch. I only have iMovie for Mac OSX. How can I film the scene and edit it to look like I have two of the same person in my shot? I know I can just hoot indivaul shots of the same person in different places and run them together, but my question is….how do i RUN them TOGETHER? Please help if you can.

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      If iMovie will let you do a split screen, then that would be the logical choice. Put your camera on a tripod and don’t move it. Film the first performance then have your actor change and do the second performance. Timing is important if they’re talking back and forth. You could have someone off camera read the opposite part to assist in the timing then edit out the off camera dialog.

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      I was just looking at iMovie, and it looks like you may be out of luck. I didn’t thoroughly look through the effects, but like what kkmac was saying, you would want to look for "split screen" or "picture in picture" type of effects. iMovie only has one video track, which leads me to doubt it supports these effects.

      It sounds like you want to do a lot with your NLE, and with a better one, it may open up much more creativity. The next step up from iMovie would be Final Cut Express HD for $299. This NLE is very, very, very similiar to Final Cut Pro, and supports the effect you described and much more, including: green screening (chroma key), muzzle flashes, explosions, and other sfx.

      The downside to this, however, is that FCE is fairly complex, but is worth to know.

      As with any typical NLE, the camera must be stable, and try to keep the characters from crossing each other.


      PS, if you have a PC, I know pinnacle studio 10 can do the same effect, for a cheaper price. (Just be warned that Pinnacle crashes A LOT!)

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      Oh yeah, if your not interesting in investing in more editing software, you may be able to pull it off with iMovie.

      First, the room must be somewhat symmetrical, or just a plain wall.

      Have the cloned person walk in from the right, to the right third of the frame.

      In post (iMovie), under "editing" go to the mirror effect. This should create two identical characters that walk towards each other.

      Try to use that shot for just a brief moment, otherwise it may look too fake.

      For the dialog part, use close ups, and a keen sense of screen direction.
      For clone #1, frame him on the right side of the viewfinder.
      For clone #2, frame him on the left side of the viewfinder.

      This should give the type of scene present in Lord of the Rings 2, when Golum and Smeagle (the same person) were arguing with each other. By manipulating the screen direction (the angle we see the characters), the director made it appear as if they were two different people.

      If done very carefully, and well thought out, I believe you can produce the effect you were looking for without having to purchase a better NLE.
      This technique, however, is very limited, and if your creativity demands it, buy something better to edit!

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      You might want to invest $30 in Quicktime Pro which I think can split screens. Go to the following link and see if it might work for you.


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      Ok, I have Pinnacle, Studio 10.7

      I bought the cropping effect tool

      now i know with adobe premiere pro 2.0 you can have like..10 clones in the same screen if you wanted too

      but for me i need 7, now, I cropped the parts that seperate them all. But i cant put them all on the same place

      it just keeps going into one thing at a time

      like clone one

      then clone 2

      and so on

      i just want to put them all on the same thing

      but i cant cuase if i "combine" scences, it just puts them all into one thing

      instead of 7, but its not on the same screen, if you get what im saying…. but ya….

      cna someone help me out?

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