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      I have been watching modern day music videos, especially hip-hop videos, and there is this effect i see on almost all of them about which i have been wondering. So today I decided to ask members of this forum how they do it. They make the faces of the characters so smooth that they look almost like dolls and the colors so rich. I mean these are effects which to the best of my knowledge are attainable in photoshop but again photoshop is for stills. So is there a photoshop equivalent out there for video? Or plainly, how do they do this? What software, if software has something to do with it, do they use?

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      Can you find and post a link to an example?

      -andrew @ videomaker

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      It could be rendered in 3D Animation software (I used to work with Autodesk 3D Studio years ago, there must be new software nowadays). It actually is "a virtual doll" with the "map" assigned to the object’s surface. The map may be an image file or animation file. In your case it must be the photo of the character "pulled" on the object like a sock.

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