Quicktime 7 Pro did not Update to Quicktime 10 PRO. Why?

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      Quicktime Pro comes with Final Cut Studios. I’ve had Quicktime Pro since 2007 when I installed FCP. Every time there was an update to Quicktime, it automatically upgraded to the next version and continued the PRO version subscription.

      I installed the update to Quicktime 10 about a month ago (After I installed the Snow Leopard OS) I just noticed, though, that Quicktime 10 is not the Pro edition.

      As a matter of fact, there are now 2 versions of quicktime on my computer. Quicktime 7 PRO & Quicktime 10.

      Quicktime 7 has been moved to my Utilities folder while Quicktime 10 now resides in my Applications Folder.

      What’s going on?

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      Come on now. Anyone got an answer?

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