Quick turnaround DVD replication?

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       Anybody know of an online service that can turn around a DVD duplication job quickly? I mean like 300 DVD’s duplicated and printed in no more tan 48 hours?  thank

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Check out Kunaki. It works great, fast and the quality is very good. Five or more DVD are around $1.75 each (prices varies according to demand, but the highest is $1.75 per DVD) plus the shipping you decide.

      PS: It appears they will be moving to new facilities and will be closed down from July 25 to August 5, 2011.

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      Any suggestions on dvd duplicator machines? I just got done with one video shoot that required 50 dvds. If this continues I would like to get an inexpensive machine so I don’t wear out my Mac G4. Appreciate an insight. Roy

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      They’re NOT actually “inexpensive” but based on the prices I paid several years ago when I purchased a 3-up system that is no longer available, they’ve come down a long way from the $800 or more you’d spend then. Single, dual, three-to-one systems now days can be found for less than $300 at a few places.

      There’s economy with no hard drive and often some off-brand burner/players installed, and then there’s some decent stuff with anywhere from a 250 to 500 GIG HD that really comes in handy when you want to speed up the process. However, I continue to record my blanks at 8X or less because on the occasions when I’ve tried to up the speed for recording I’ve also upped the number of problem disks and rejects.

      All that being said, I am currently shopping for a replacement and targeting something from 7-up to 11-up using my approximate $1K plus/minus budget. I am also, good or bad (effective or no) going to go with a hardware-based copy protection system in the package which increases the costs by anywhere from $200 to $300. I will NOT, however, purchase a software-based copy protection system due to the dongle, and the expense of purchasing additional licenses per project or having to renew licensing each time I want to do a round of duplication.

      I’ve spoken with others in the business and based on their recommendations, my personal experience and what I’ve researched over the Internet, this is what I’m going to buy during July from Supermediastore.com:

      Spartan Fortress, 11-up (1 to 11) with hardware copy protection (works only when dubbing from the master disk, not when dubbing from a built-in hard drive master) and does not require licensing purchase, renewal or fees; or the 9-up. Costs, $1,245.40 and $1,129.65, respectively, with free shipping. This was a sale price and I might have missed it, or will if I don’t pull the trigger by today, June 30, but they are always having sales and specials.

      I also looked at the Fort Knox by the people who make the editor-in-a-box systems, Applied Magic, 888-624-4255, or http://www.applied-magic.com but these are more expensive though they sound really wonderful. 3-up, $929; 5-up = $1,169; 7-up = $1,339.

      I also checked out http://www.produplicator.com/dvd-cd-duplicator-copy-protection.html starting at $680 for a 5-up but with a complicated licensing requirement; esystor.com; and its 10-up that started at $990, also software-based copy protection and a licensing agreement requirement.

      I checked out a host of others from microsystems, cddvdrmedia and even B&H Photo Video, but am fairly certain I’m going to pull the trigger on the Super Media Store Spartan. http://www.supermediastore.com

      You may, or not, have any desire to do anything other than multiple dubbing to reduce wear and tear on your computer, or simply expedite things. However, even though most any copy protection scheme can be broken by wizards and brains, or even those who simply live for the opportunity to break copy protection, by and large, according to many in the business who do a LOT of duplication from orders of 50 and more, they indicate that like locks on doors, the copy protection keeps honest people honest, and they’ve all experienced an uptick in orders/sales when informing their clients that copy protection is used on their orders.

      I’ve found my annual sales from the many dance recital, multiple-order event, grad night, drama performances and youth sports dropping a bit from year-to-year and I am certain that a good amount of pirating and gifting is taking place. I want to reduce the overall incidence of pirating my productions and EVERYONE I’ve talked to who know and do this say it is well worth the extra investment, in spite of the virtually universal ability to break the copy protection by some.

      So, I suggest you check out the offerings at Super Media Store first and foremost, but I wouldn’t suggest going with their “economy” line for reasons given above. I have seen 3-up duplicators run less than $300 but cannot recall exactly who or where, as I was looking specifically for units with hardware copy protection included.

      Just for the record, another place I checked out is DiscMakers http://www.discmakers.com not impossibly expensive, but i suspect they have a software-based protection system and the charge is, I think, $250, to add copy protection but not as hassle-free as the hardware-based I refer to above.

      Also, check out http://www.dub-it.com http://www.mediatechnics.com http://www.crypkey.com

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      Thanks to EarlC for all information.
      Duplicator can be sold by any reseller like TigerDirect. My experience the duplicator must be no more than 9 units or the best is 7 units burner plus 1 unit common DVD drive to copy master on the hard drive.
      What is you need to check:
      Good industrial case with ventillation.
      High class power supply.
      Good controller (the most important)
      Good DVD burner like Pionner OEM version or original.
      Burn at low speed you cannot double the speed indication 4X or 8X is double number but you gain much less than 1 minute.
      PLace on a shelf hock to a wall and at level to avoid vibration.
      Good housekeeping
      Good DVD quality.
      Some guy use a battery for power regulation.

      The problem is not burn the DVD, is the printing on the DVD
      Inkjet or sublimation if you focus on inkjet a small printer like canon can fit your need and cost less $100.
      You can also spray an acrylic topcaoat on DVD but this become a problem du to odor and How to…

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      YR, I see no serious relevance regarding total number of units, 7, 9, 11 so I don’t understand your admonishment there.

      Pioneer burners are great, but they’re not the ONLY units that work well. There’s a LOT of latitude in choices and offerings, and the only burners I’d be wary of are those with names I cannot pronounce or have NEVER heard of.

      You DO get what you pay for so price alone shouldn’t be the ultimate deciding factor.

      How’s a novice to know a “good controller” vs a BAD one? πŸ˜‰

      In the burning speed selections it isn’t so much how fast, or doubling to save TIME in the burning process as it is the QUALITY of the burns – faster speeds often result in more bad burns. As I said, regardless of the speed rating of my Taiyo Yuden (now JVC) Verbatim or Phillips, Fuji or sometimes Sony blanks I burn all my stuff at 8X or less for maximum quality and pretty much ZERO rejects/bad burns.

      I would NOT recommend using a battery, but perhaps you meant a regulated power supply and strip that prevents surges or fluctuations in current?

      How often does anybody find a product that DOESN’T have the Good Housekeeping seal of approval … it’s like they almost GIVE those stickers away; a LOT like being registered with the Better Business Bureau πŸ˜‰

      You brought up a number of VALID comments regarding having, setting up and using/maintaining one, but initially Roy was asking about units to purchase. Hopefully, however, the other information will prove useful when he does pull the trigger on purchasing one.

      REGARDING PRINTING: and THANKS YR for bringing this to mind. There’s two ways to print using inkjet printers (I’m, on my third discontinued Epson 380 … found through ebay … with a bulk ink supply system attached saving me bunches on ink costs). I highly recommend identifying a printer that you can acquire a bulk or constant ink supply system for.

      Two ways to print: BEFORE burning; AFTER burning.

      I prefer to print BEFORE, but maybe it just seems faster. Thing is, if I DO NOT allow a 24-hour or longer drying period I lose a LOT of blanks. Why? Because if the ink is NOT totally dry when you start burning blanks you’ll notice splits, cracks and striations in the printing afterward, emanating outward from the inner hole, due I’m sure to the spinning RPMs of the burner, and a heat factor that probably comes into play.

      I usually compel myself to print AFTER due to this problem because I don’t always have the time to pre-print and spread the blanks out all over the place to air dry before I need to start burning.

      So, allow to COMPLETELY dry (inkjet, I’ve no experience with any other type printer) or burn first.

      I’m not particularly fond of paper sleeves, those so-called protective covers that are supposed to be able to be attached and kept on the disks even while playing, OR using any kind of spray-on that requires too much time, caution and care avoiding spill over, overspray or excessive handling resulting in possible finger prints or body oils coming into the equation.

      Water resistant glossy or semi-glossy hub printable white surfaces are nice but IMHO not worth the additional quarter to half-dollar over standard white coated disks. I HAVE used the JVC/Taiyo Yuden Watershed disks and they DO LOOK nice, but they really, REALLY LOVE fingerprints and oil smears … NOT of the ink, but on the glossy surface … becoming really unsightly after a bit … THINK nose grease on mirrors πŸ˜‰

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      JR and Earl, thank you both for the information about DVD duplication. I haven’t the need for medium to large quantities of duplicates, at least not yet, so I am still using the built in computer burner. I am looking to add a blu ray burner (internal or external,and could use some suggestions there). I found the info on burner and blank disc brands helpful. I was wondering if you could recommend sources for the blanks. Thank you for enlightening us on the options available for copy protection.

      I think that we are bordering the line ofsemi-hijacked the original intent of the thread (online duplication services) although I see the natural progression. Perhaps this should split to another thread. Hopefully others will chime in on the original question, I don’t have any experience using these services but I have received advertisements from Discmakers (that Earl mentioned) who provide extensive duplication services as well as duplicators.

      I am always amazed at the sharing spirit that I find on these forums.

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      Earl, i also print using inkjet (epson R280 x3). the only difference is that i use watershield dvd’s so that i don’t have to spread them all over the place and more important have to wait…. yes the blanks are more expensive… bur worth it. and you DO NOT need to spray lacquer.

      with the watershield you print and stack… watershield permits me to burn/print 250 dvd’s in approx. 6hrs using a 7 disk duplicator.

      the other difference is that i print after i burned them… this way i do not waist ink if i get a bad disk.



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      My AquaAce discs also dry in a hurry with my Epson printer using a CISS that is NOT Epson Ink but works equally as well. I have burned almost immediately with no worries of a spin art effect.

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      Wow, what a wealth of information here. I’m new to using forums but this is a tremendous resource. So thank you Earl and YR. I will keep things under 8X. Appreciate the printing aspect as well.

      I appreciate all the advice.



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      Hello 210pe, Discmakers probably can but it’s gonna cost you big time, more than likely.

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       Earl, you are correct.  They want a premium to turn them that quickly.  Thanks for all the good info guys as I have been looking at a duplicator myself because of these 3 large jobs in a row.  Was able to “borrow” an 1 to 11 duplicator for job 1.  It was able to make 185 in 1 hour 25 mins.

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