Quick Cuts in Music Videos

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http://youtu.be/cimoNqiulUE- Drake - Headline

Using this as an example. I want to find an easier way to do the quick cuts that you would see in videos like this. Where there are lots of quick half second or less clips. I asked this in another forum but was told that there is no easy way of doing this. That it just takes a lot of time and patience. Wanted to double check to see if there is a plugin or a tutorial or anything to make the process easier?

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Well, if you wanted something automated, Pinnacle Studio has a feature that allows you to add some footage, then add music and then the program will analyze the music and create a music video for you. Different styles are available, and even a style that would have all sorts of super fast cuts. The downside is you have no control of exactly what each clip shows - but then again if you wanted that control you would take your time with patience and work it out!

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I believe that can be done by experimenting with the multicam feature in professional NLE. By rapidly changing cameras, cropping some upper clips and later adding a main video below the changes of the cameras. I'm not completely sure, but now I have a deep curiosity to test it out. Still, like doublehamm mentioned, if you want more control you need time and lots of patience.


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HA! Yeah you COULD lay all tracks in Vegas and play "Whack-A-Mole" with the multi-cam editor.