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      I am using Pinnacle Studio 14. Have a lot of questions that i hope to get answer on.

      1a when i inporting the videos the file come as a big avi file. For me this is a problem for me to just save the shots i realy want with out having a 3gb file to take space.

      1b if not possible then i belive i edit the file on the timeline and then make a avi file? Wicth format should the file be saved in, avi, mp4 etc for me to use it later

      2 When i inport the shots they will end up on my extern hd. when i save my project i save it on my extern hd. But still Pinnacle Studio filling up my normal hd. why is this like this and how can i change this?

      3 What format for pictures that i save in other programs should i have for me to have when i later will use in Pinnacle Studio


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