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      I have been doing some reading on miking orchestras so I can help my students improve the sound of their live event productions. I was intrigued by the Decca Tree. However, good omnis are very expensive and the trees themself are pricy as well. So:

      Do omnis have to be used in this configuration when miking a 20 piece school band?

      Has anyone ever made a decca tree and have a plan you’s like to share?


      David F

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      you’ll want to have omnis, you’ll want to be able to capture the room tone and reflections for a full sound. i’ve simply put a couple of omnis on telesoping stands in front of the stage where the performance is and either plug into a recording device or to a mixer.


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      Thanks for the reply. Could you suggest an omni that would give good results but stay within my high school media budget? Obviously the Neumann M50 is out of play for us but I could go as high as 500/mic if I could get good sound in that price range.

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