questions about camera setup

Anonymous (not verified)

I have a gym...a rather large gym with three basketball courts in it. MY customer wants three cams, up on the catwalk, shooting from the long end of the court. He then wants three TV's in the front foyer broadcasting those three games out to the TV's so when people walk in, they can see the games going on in the gym.

So, I'm using Sony NEX-VG10 cameras and I want to get back to my switch room. I was thinking of coming off the HDMI port and going to a CAT6 converter. Once back in the switch room, I was thinking of using something like the ZeeVee Pro 280, but it's composite in only.

IS there a cleaner way? For example, what I would LIKE to do is take the feed from each camera and capture it on a computer and serve it out via a WEB page so my TV's could be in the internet too. At first, I was going to use IP cameras from AXIS, but the customer wants the cameras to be mobile and they want to capture video and edit it later. So, that send me back to the drawing board.

I like clean, few to no converrters if possible. So, I'm looking for ideas. Am I stuck with sending it out via coax?

One of my vendors suggested going composite off the cam to a converter, then back to composite and into the ZeeVee, then to a splitter. Seems old school to me.